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If Donald Trump set up an Inbound Marketing Campaign

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Donald Trump, where to start? His presidential campaign has gone from the initial hilarity of him announcing his bid, to now widespread fear that he could actually be a contender. Let’s hope the same doesn’t happen with Kanye West.

Trump may be ignorant, racist, arrogant, chauvinistic, rude, condescending . . .hang on I’ve forgotten where I was going with this. Basically if you took out a whole day and put all his bad traits to one side, you would be left with a man who has an undeniable talent for marketing.

So let’s say that he follows in the footsteps of previous business moguls such as Henry Ford and fails to become president of the United States. He decides he wants to get out of the public eye, settle down and hone his skills as the talented marketer he is. He elects to implement his presidential policies behind the scenes and by becoming a Hubspot PartnerIf he really did set up an inbound marketing campaign, what would it look like?



Buyer personas

Donald trump would smash his buyer personas out of the park. The main reason his campaign has been so successful so far is because he’s tapped into what so many Americans are thinking or have been scared to say (for good reason). He’s taken the burden of sounding like a racist off their hands by being a racist for them. If that’s not putting your customers first I don’t know what is.

We all know the importance of buyer persona pain points. Does Donald Trump know his personas pain points? “YES I DO!” Trump cries with a wild grin on his face as he writes the words ‘Immigration’ and ‘Terrorists’ in big capital letters underneath his buyer persona.


– Don’t continue with your inbound campaign until you’re at the point where you feel like you could finish your buyer persona’s sentences.

– The pain points are the most important aspect of your buyer persona. It will allow you to reach out and connect with them on a personal level.



Brand Image

Before you start posting content out it’s important to know what sort of brand image you want to put out there and how you want to be perceived in the public eye. So how would the Trump brand image fair? Not so good. His buyer personas may not be scattered around the globe but it’s not helpful in any way shape or form to generate such hatred that entire nations want you banned from entering their country. There’s a fine line between not being afraid to say what’s on your mind and overtly sounding like Hitler reincarnated.

But on the other hand it has everyone talking about him. They say any press is good press, does that apply here? You can’t turn on a television screen without seeing him, we’re even writing a blog about him and we’re a content marketing company for crying out loud.

Would you rather have a reputable brand with minimal reach or a controversial brand that the globe is talking about? I guess that depends on your moral compass.


– Make sure you have a clear image of how you want your brand to be perceived in the public eye

– Being controversial is a great way to drive traffic but there is a very fine line



So now Trump has his buyer personas down to a tee it’s time to start blogging. Would his content hit on the paint points of his personas? Have you seen the wild frenzies that erupt at his rallies? Not only does he deliver content that hits the nail on the head but he is also the master of internal and external links, he waits for content to drive people in his direction.

Any act of terror, a shooting or anything to do with immigration in the press is another external link from someone. He uses it all to his advantage and we all know that external links are more effective from established sites. Well how about all of the biggest news channels in the country? It’s powerful stuff.

One problem he may face however is being penalised by Google. The guy is an outrageous keyword stuffer and certainly doesn’t understand the importance of LSI keywords. He really hasn’t got his head around SEO quite yet. His keywords may be “muslim” or “terrorist,” which he has the authority to go after, but he’s not scattering them naturally throughout his content which will flag up with Google.


– Drive your content towards people’s emotions (paint points). If someone is confused about something and another Is angry, the anger is the stronger emotion and you will provoke a stronger response.

– Internal and external links are king.

– Always be mindful of keyword stuffing. Use the Hubspot SEO tool to check your keyword density. Or if you’re using WordPress you can use the wonderful Yoast plugin.



Social Media

This is where the Donald Trump inbound marketing campaign starts to get a little shaky. His social media habits seem to be the equivalent of Hubspot slagging off Moz and Neil Patel all day everyday. Rather than promoting his ‘policies’ and elevating his campaign, he’d rather tell Hilary Clinton that she can’t satisfy her husband.

Social media is a powerful tool and unfortunately Trump seems content with using it like a prepubescent teenager. I can just imagine him dropping a live periscope stream of him calling Jed Bush a pussy.

On the other hand it’s important for you to have the same voice across all your channels. The way he operates on social media isn’t really any different from the way he acts in real life. It’s not like he’s just a keyboard warrior. So on a positive note at least he’s written himself a clear set of style guidelines.


– Have a consistent tone of voice across all platforms

– Work with your competitors, not against them



There’s no denying it, Donald Trump would make a fantastic inbound marketer. His campaigns may be controversial and some clients would refuse to do business with him from a moral point of view, however he’d be able to sky rocket himself to a Hubspot diamond partner in no time.

The thing with Donald Trump is that he actually uses a lot of outbound marketing too. He’s happy to put the magnet down and embrace the megaphone. It’s arguably one of his best tools. So while he loses points on his brand image and keyword strategy, the fact is that the most important part of any inbound marketing campaign is the buyer persona, and he knows them like the back of his orange hands. 

We leave you with this


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